Good morning !!!

Έχω ανάγκη να σας φωνάξω ΚΑΛΗΜΕΡΑ…

αλλά αν δείτε την φάτσα μου όπως ξυπνάω το πρωί…

δεν θα με ξαναδιαβάσετε.

Ετσι σας στέλνω αντιπρόσωπο !!!!!

Putting on my best face
Running with a suitcase
I’ll lead you on a goose chase
Pretty as a trumpet girl

Follow my eyes, follow my feelings
Follow my future wherever it’s leading

Pretty as a trumpet
Pretty as a trumpet girl

Good morning world
It’s so nice to be a beautiful girl
(It’s so nice to be… beautiful)

Party like a wild thing
(ba ba ba ba ba ba)
In parties that go on and on

Shake it at a nightclub
(la la la la la la)
Disco till the crack of dawn

Follow your nose
Follow your feeling
Follow the weather wherever it’s leading

Shake it like a trumpet
Rave up like a trumpet girl

Suffer in a basement
(Pa pa pa pa pa pa)
Pretty like a trumpet girl

Swing in Acapulco
(Cha cha cha cha cha cha)
Swinging in a changing world

Follow your eyes
Follow your feeling
Follow the fever wherever it’s leading

Glitter like a trumpet
Glitter like a trumpet girl

I am the astronaut
I am the silver girl
I am so strange and sweet
I’m from another world
I’ll pass you on the street
And then our eyes will meet

Liar liar pants on fire
Your mummy’s in the kitchen with electric wire
Daddy’s in the living room with his god
They all get together round a lightning rod
Two six five
The goose drank wine
The monkey chewed tobacco by the danger sign
The line it broke, the monkey choked
And they all went to heaven in a little row boat
Yum yum bubblegum
Stick it in your brother’s gun
Half way down the telephone wire
Liar liar pants on fire
How I wrote elastic girl
How I wrote elastic girl
Put some makeup on your face
Make this world a better place

Good morning world…
It’s so nice to be beautiful

Kahimi Karie

«good morning world»


  1. τι φατσάκι είναι αυτό;;; μη μου πεις ότι είναι δικό σου…
    ο δικός μου είναι πια ολόκληρο θηρίο, αλλά εξίσου γλυκός και πανέμορφος.

  2. Γατάκι… ζήλεψα τώρα… θέλω κι εγώ ένα…

  3. allmylife

    εσύ είσαι το χέρι;;;;;;;;;


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